Scholarships & Grants


Scholarship season is from October 1 through December 6!

Find and apply for scholarships for future studies in STEM/STEAM, Mathematics, Technology, and support for those seeking a teaching career. These as well as other scholarships are available in the GCPS Foundation Fund catalog!

Apply today and apply for more than one… don’t miss out, but remember you only need to apply once to each scholarship!


  1.  Applicant must register first to apply for any online scholarships.  NOTE: YOUR USER NAME IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND YOUR PASSWORD IS YOUR STUDENT ID. 
  2.  An email confirmation link will be sent to your email. You must click on the link to confirm your email address. REMEMBER...Your student ID is your password
  3.  Once registered, any future online scholarships that you apply for,  you will only need to sign in under “User Account” with your user name and password.  Note: User Account will be displayed when you scroll over the Scholarships & Grants dropdown menu on the scholarship page of the website.

2019-2020 Catalog

pLEASE NOTE: Any applications submitted before October 1, will be deleted.