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Atlanta Falcons
Oct 25, 2021

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Atlanta Hawks
Oct 25, 2021


Join us for our first Educator Appreciation Night of the season at State Farm Arena! Each ticket includes $10 worth of food and beverage credit as well as an Atlanta Hawks T-shirt (while supplies last). Tickets can be purchased through the provided link or attached flier.

Inventory is limited in select areas of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and you can purchase tickets below on the link in the proviced using promo code TAPPRECIATION21



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Oct 15, 2021

Gwinnett County Schools Night
ATL Hawks vs. CHA Hornets | Sunday, December 5th | 6:00pm

Join us for Gwinnett County Schools Night at State Farm Arena. Each ticket includes $10 worth of food and beverage credit. A portion from each ticket purchased through this offer will benefit the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. Tickets can be purchased through the provided link below. 

Purchase your tickets:

For groups of 10 or more or for tickets to a different game,
please contact Ryan Coller at ryan.coller@hawks.com or at 404-878-3714.

*Ticket prices and availability are subject to change, so order your tickets today! Ticket prices and availability are subject to change and tickets are mobile only. For information on arena safety, please visit hawks.com/safety.




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LeanStream Wifi on the Go!
Oct 15, 2021

No tricks this Halloween!  Just a scary cool program for families and employees of Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation.  It’s called #WiFiontheGo and its quite a treat!  Unlimited data + a free hotspot. No extra fees. Completely portable so you can take the internet with you wherever you go. Only $50 per month.  Supports our schools too. Get it at https://gcps-ga.leanstreamrp.com.  @leanstreamrp #ClickDonateMakeaDifference #StayConnected

LeanStream WiFi on the Go FAQs



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Nationwide Pet Insurance
Oct 15, 2021

You work hard to provide your family with everything they need. So whether your family includes kidswith two feet or kids with four paws, you know what responsibility looks like.My Pet Protection® from Nationwide® helps you provide your pets with the best care possible byreimbursing you for vet bills. You can get cash back for accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, andmore!

  • Custom made plans for employees onlyVisit any vet, anywhere
  • Choose from 70% and 50% reimbursement of vet’s invoice
  • Low $250 annual deductible
  • Pet Rx Express for prescription medicationsEasy online claim submission
  • 24/7 VetHelpline access for policyholders

Visit PetsNationwide.com or call 877-738-7874 for a fast, no obligation quote, today!  Click here to enroll your pet in Nationwide Pet Insurance today!

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