Student Scholarships

The Spirit of Phoenix High School Scholarship
*Open to Phoenix HS applicants only*

The Spirit of Phoenix High School Scholarship is awarded in memory of Robert L. Campbell who served as the Founding Principal of Phoenix HS from 1988-1994. Phoenix High School is open to students from all GCPS High Schools and our mission is to ensure the success of students who may be unlikely, for a variety of reasons, to reach their potential in a traditional setting.

Since 1988, our Founding Motto remains, "We exist for Students" and this one-time $1,000 scholarship provides important support for students who have faced and overcome tremendous challenges to pursue their postsecondary plans upon graduation. As additional donations become available, we plan to increase both the amount and number of The Spirit of Phoenix High School scholarships offered to our graduates.

Please contact the Phoenix High School counseling office for details.