The Brenden and Alex Elbaz Memorial Scholarship

*Open to applicants districtwide*

The Brenden and Alex Elbaz Memorial Scholarship is a one-time award of $1,000 and was initially established through the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation and was exclusive to a Lanier High School Student where his mother Joy Crowe was a teacher.

In 2011 Brenden Elbaz, at the age of 23, tragically died of a drug overdose. Nine years later, in 2020, Alex Elbaz at the age of 27, lost his life to Fentanyl Poisoning. Brothers Brenden and Alex were 5 years apart and very close. Both college students at the time. Brenden was a political science major at University of North Ga., formerly known as Gainesville State University, and Alex was a month from graduating Georgia Gwinnett College with a degree in accounting, which was received posthumously.

Brenden and Alex were loved immensely by their family, friends and all those that knew them. They both encountered personal challenges which they battled to overcome, and each will be remembered in that spirit.

Scholarship Criteria:

  •  Acceptance to any accredited post- secondary institution
  • Write a one-page essay explaining how you faced adversity in your life and exhibited strength in the face of personal challenges. Your essay must include how you were able to overcome the hardship and how it changed you; please share your dreams and aspirations, as well.


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