Winner from Spooky book giveaway contest at Walden University

Tammy Meyer at Winn Holt Elementary was the $250 Spooky Book Giveaway Contest winner from the Walden University and GCPS Foundation’s partnership!

Tammy teaches Kindergarten at Winn Holt Elementary School in Gwinnett County. Her class consists of 22 students, many of whom English is not their first or primary language. Many of her students, as well as students school-wide, have families who speak very little or no English at all in their homes.

Winn Holt is a Title I school, meaning that 83% of the students are on free & reduced lunch. Most of her students do not have access to quality books that interest them & one of my long term goals as a teacher is to instill in my students a love of literacy & reading books. The money she receives will help purchase quality books for her to place into the hands of students.

Tammy said in response to winning the contest, “I am so excited about the opportunity to be able to provide additional books for my students & help them grow as readers. Thank you to Walden University for this amazing gift & for supporting educators such as myself!”