Maxwell students build tiny house for Gwinnett homeowner By Keith Farner

There are plenty of projects that can show high school students how to work on an actual residential construction site. But Mike Mahaffey’s recent idea brings them all under one roof, albeit a tiny one.

In January the Maxwell High School of Technology teacher rolled out an idea for students to build and customize a tiny house for a Gwinnett homeowner, who plans to use it for a weekend getaway. Maffahey and the students went through the normal sales process with the homeowner and the client-contractor relationship that covered paint colors and other customizations.

“It’s a small enough project that it’s doable in one year, but it also has the scope of being all-encompassing and including everything that you would find in residential construction,” Mahaffey said.

Added Maxwell Principal Jeff Hall, “The project is a great example of how our teachers create real-world and relevant learning opportunities for our students. The project affords our students the opportunity to work with a client and custom build the house, much like they would experience when they enter the industry themselves.”