Gwinnett government, school officials say fire training tower at Maxwell High represents their partnership

By Gwinnett County Fire Chief Casey Snyder’s estimate, the Maxwell High School of Technology in Lawrenceville may be the only school in the U.S. that has a fire training tower on its campus for students to use.

He said there is one school out west, in Meridian, Idaho, that lets students use a training tower, but Snyder said it’s not on that school’s campus. Either way, the fire chief said Gwinnett County and a town in Idaho may not be comparable to each other.

“One thing I don’t know is how many four-story buildings, or taller buildings, that they have in Meridian, Idaho, but we do (have them) and we’re going to have a lot more,” Snyder said at tower’s ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday. “So this facility is certainly going to be both innovative and timely for all of us, both the students and us.”