LeanStream Wifi on the Go!

Jul 5, 2022

Stay connected this summer and take the internet with you! You can get a hotspot and UNLIMITED internet through the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation’s #WiFiontheGo program. The hotspot is battery powered and small enough to fit in your pocket (or maybe a stocking!). Oh, and did we mention no contract and no extra fees? All for $50 per month.

It’s an awesome way to stay connected over the summer for our Gwinnett employees and student families.  Get one for yourself or for family. It is a perfect summer plan and works great with all the other tech goodies that may be on the list this year – tablets, laptops, smart tvs, firesticks and rokus and even video games!  It helps raise funds for your schools also. That is what we call a win-win – your schools win and you win too!

It’s easy to sign up. Just go to https://gcps-ga.leanstreamrp.com/district/26/wifi-on-go to get yours today! Or email us at info@leanstreamrp.com if you need to know more. #clickdonatemakeadifference@leanstreamrp

LeanStream WiFi on the Go FAQs



Coupon Expiry Date: Feb 28, 2023