Building Babies’ Brains

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Riding for the Onesies is a specific event campaign run by Gwinnett Building Babies’ Brains. Building Babies Brains is a collective initiative of community partners and individuals in Gwinnett County. This campaign is to support the newborn Onesie Program at the hospitals. This program provides initial information to new parents about  “Learning Begins at Birth” and how they can become their child’s first and best teacher. Along with this information, new parents will also receive a onesie for their newest family member with the slogan “Brain at Work”.

Community Early Learning Advocate, John Upchurch, is cycling over 1049 miles, from Anacortes, Washington to San Francisco, California. Along this journey he will be continuing to advocate for early learning and supporting the work of Gwinnett Building Babies’ Brains.

Help us reach our goal of $35,000 and help us provide these onesies to each new baby born in Gwinnett in the next year. All donations are used for the Onesie Program.

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    • Sponsor one of Gwinnett’s Newest Early Learners – $6
    • Sponsor a Mile of John’s Ride – $34