Scholarship & Grants

Archer Academic Foundation Grant for Educators
The Archer Academic Foundation looks forward to reviewing your grant proposal. Each proposal will be revieewed by a grant committee established by the ArcherAcademic Foundation's Board of Directors. Once the top entries have been selected, the Foundation may request addition project information that is not listed below. Please be prepared to provide additional information, if needed, to support your grant proposal. Grant awards will be announced in Novermber, and the winner(s) will be invited to be recognized, Friday, November 13, 2020, at Archer Stadium, on the field prior to the Archer High School Varsity football game.

The following items must be submitted no later than October 30, 2020:

  1. Grant Proposal Cover Sheet

  2. Detailed Project Description

  3. Project Budget

  4. Measurement of Success

  5. Approval and Signature of Principal

  6. Media Release Waiver (included in the grant link below)

Tips: The best grants tend to be nom more than five pages, which includes all of the above items. Grants that are written and stated ina clear, concise manner are best. Discuss how the grant will affect student achievement and list any matching grant opportunities (i.e., money already raised or committed by other sources including school).

Click here for Grant Application and Media Release.