Community-Based Mentoring Hispanic Girls ¡Sí se puede! Scholarship

Help Support CBM Hispanic Girls Scholarship


The Community-Based Mentoring Girls Hispanic Scholarship Fund will be used to financially supplement extra curricular and learning opportunities for our mentees from middle to high school.

The students will be awarded anywhere from $300 – $500 (summer programs, middle or high school); $1,000 – $5,000 for university, two-year college, or technical school, high school seniors.

The Hispanic Mentoring Partnership (HMP) Girls Advisory Board will meet and decide which students would be most deserving of the award of a scholarship to:

    • Local summer camp programs, outside GCPS
    • University in the state of Georgia summer program
    • A university, two-year college, or technical school of choice in or outside of the state of Georgia

*The number of students awarded a scholarship will depend on the total amount of funds we have available at the time of disbursement and window of application.

Requirements could include, but are not limited to:

    • Application
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Personal recommendation
    • GPA
    • Financial need
    • Geographic boundaries
    • Demographics
    • Current HMP Girls mentee (middle school or high school)
    • Engagement, attendance, and participation in the HMP Girls’ events, camps, etc.
    • Field of interest, high school seniors
    • 500 word essay, high school seniors

All scholarships will be awarded in the Spring Semester prior to the Summer / Fall intended.